New blog!

May 29, 2008

With my old blog at down, I decided to start a new one at WordPress. Enjoy!

Update: seems to be up again now (thanks Nuxeo!). I’m still sticking with WordPress, mostly because it’s much easier to use (both for me and for people with comments).

4 Responses to “New blog!”

  1. Martijn Faassen Says:

    Hey Philipp. I think you want to disable the ‘possibly related posts’ bit, as it’s unlikely to create links to anywhere you’re interested in.

  2. philikon Says:

    Thanks for the tip, Martijn. I didn’t even see those until now. I’ve disabled them now.

  3. betabug Says:

    Housewarming Party!!!!!! Where are the drinks?

  4. I have the Whisky! Who has the chips? ( is the correct choice, btw).

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