Announcing the Zope 4 book

April 1, 2009

I know people have been eagerly waiting for an updated version of my Zope 3 book, Web Component Development with Zope 3. While the first edition targeted Zope 3.0, the second and third are targetting Zope 3.3, a release that is several years old now. Since then, Zope 3 technologies like the Component Architecture have equally found adoption among the Plone project and hatred among the rest of the Python web developers. Time then for an update of the most popular Zope book, right?

There were some original plans to base the fourth edition on Grok, the upstart project within the Zope world. With its developer-friendly attitude and pragmatism, it seemed like a viable path out of the Zope 3 complications. With the advent of Zope 4, however, this has completely changed. Zope 4 certainly makes Grok look old and used. Grok is so 2008 now. That’s why I’m happy to announce that the next edition of my book will target Zope 4:


I’m also happy to announce that the book will be available soon! Writing the 4th edition really was a breeze, thanks to Zope 4’s completely non-enterprisey approach, the adoption of interfacelets (which allow you to write the generally disliked Zope interfaces with much less code in much less time), and the automatic componentizer which turns any Spaghetti code (e.g. a Django webapp) into nice reusable components. Zope 4 also fixes some mistakes that were made in Zope 3, for instance by bringing back proven Zope 2 technologies such as DTML and Acquisition. This sped up the writing of the 4th edition tremendously as well, as I was able to simply cobble the relevant chapters together from all those $4.99 Zope 2 books on Amazon.

Right now I’m just finishing the last chapter. It’s about the Zope Stallion, a feature that was introduced to compete with the Django Pony. After this it shouldn’t take long for the book to go into print. I think Amazon will even be taking your preorders soon, so act … uhm … soon!


8 Responses to “Announcing the Zope 4 book”

  1. Of how much practical use will this book be to me for converting my personal site to use the new letlets?

  2. Roman Says:

    Aw man – I really enjoyed contributing my part to the book on the sprint we had after a three day bender. It all makes so much sense with the rock solid Acquisition and DTML technologies!

  3. Shouldn’t it be “Web Componentlet Development with Zope 4”?

  4. Ah, but you forgot the support for Restlets!

  5. Balazs Ree Says:

    Awesome news, Philipp. But I think it’s also time to learn from our past mistakes in more radical ways.

    Looking at the current state-of-the-web-art, it’s easy to conclude that the biggest obstacle that stands in the way of Zope, is – Python itself! For example, Python does not run in any of the modern browsers.

    By rewriting Zope entirely in javascript, we would be able to run the entire web application in the browser. It would provide a way to deploy Zope on virtually every computer the world with minimal installation pain – and even on cellphones and refrigerators. It would also bring a new spirit into the development, especially for those of us that are tired of boring python code that works always, and want to seek new excitement in the new wealth of hacks and workarounds that javascript provides.

    As for myself, I’d be willing to support such a rewrite if there is a bigger interest. I don’t know what this would mean for the next edition of your book, but I guess you could dedicate a few new chapters to real exciting stuff.

  6. Andi Says:

    “zope stallion”, wtf? we’ve already got the plone pony:

    dude, and i has a lot of Ps, too! 🙂

  7. SeeM Says:

    I think you may want to wait until Zope 5. I heard, that Zope and Django will merge in this release.

  8. […] Zope 3 (now called BlueBream), it was instantly welcomed with much cheer. Naturally I chimed in and announced without much hesitation that the forthcoming 4th edition of my book would already be based on lean and mean Zope […]

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