A book about the repoze.bfg web framework

February 3, 2010

Chris McDonough has written a book on repoze.bfg! repoze.bfg, or simply BFG, is a web framework written in Python. It’s of Zope pedigree but borrows many ideas from Pylons and Django as well. It’s simple yet powerful, agile, fast, has close to 100% test coverage and is extremely well documented.

Most importantly, however, BFG is true to its motto “pay only for what you eat.” You can use SQLAlchemy, Zope’s object store ZODB, or some other persistence mechanism. You can use Zope-style object traversal, Routes-style URL mapping or a combination of both. You can use Zope Page Templates, Genshi (both through the extremely fast Chameleon engine), Jinja, or your favourite templating language. You can write your application in an extensible manner using declarative configuration, or you can just use the Python API. You can deploy on Google App Engine, Apache and mod_wsgi or anywhere else that supports WSGI. And you needn’t worry about learning about the stuff you’re not using.

BFG is well worth a look, and so is Chris’s book. What’s more, he’s done what I didn’t do with my Zope book and published it under a CC license. That in itself is already a reason for buying one. 🙂

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