A book on Grok!

February 10, 2010

Carlos de la Guardia has written a book on Grok, a Python web framework I helped kick off and contributed to quite a lot. I was honoured to be asked to write the foreword for it. Here’s what I wrote:

A little less than a year ago, Zope 4 was released. As the successor of the complex, verbose and certainly not agile Zope 3 (now called BlueBream), it was instantly welcomed with much cheer. Naturally I chimed in and announced without much hesitation that the forthcoming 4th edition of my book would already be based on lean and mean Zope 4.

Sadly these were all just April fool’s jokes.

Sadly? No, I should say luckily. Because something much better came out of Zope land just a few months after we jokingly invented a new Zope version. Grok 1.0 was released. And thanks to Carlos’ tremendous effort, there’s now a book to accompany and celebrate this achievement, too.

There is much to say about this book, but I’m sure you’re eager to get started with your web application. So let me just tell you what I like best about it.

Carlos has managed to capture the Grok spirit in this book. It is concise, not too heavy and doesn’t beat about the bush. Yet it manages to hit all the bases of web development. With a spikey club, of course. It is as smashing as the framework itself and I hope you’ll enjoy both as much as I have.

Have fun!


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  1. […] Philipp von Weitershausen, Author of Web component Development with Zope 3, kindly wrote the foreword for the book. He made a blog post out of it, which can be read at his site. […]

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